2022 Panels/Events, check back closer to the event for 2023's list.

Please note all panels and timings are subject to change.

Room 202 (2nd Floor)

11:15 – 12:15 Meet the 501st Legion, Old Line Garrison
The 501st Legion is the world's largest Star Wars costuming club! Come meet some of our members and learn about how you could join up. We'll cover crafting a costume, fantastic events where we are deployed, and we'll discuss the charitable work we do. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the 501st and how you could be a part of it!

12:40 – 1:40 Nightmares & Dayscreams SFX Make-up Panel
Join Nightmares & Dayscreams' Michele Clauser as she guides you through some of the basics of creating unbelievable creatures with special effects makeup! Learn how you can use household items and easily obtainable makeup and latex to transform yourself and others into something devilish or divine, or how more advanced tools can create effects limited only by your imagination. Enter a discussion of the history SPX in film and stage and find out how with a little makeup and a lot a creativity the classic monsters of your nightmares were created.

2:00 – 3:00 So You Want to be a Mad Scientist?
Do you spend time in a dark lair, plotting to take over the world? Perhaps you have more altruistic goals—would you infect yourself to find the treatment for a disease and maybe save the world? How far are you willing to go to achieve your goals? If you are ready to become a mad scientist but just need that extra push, join our panel of scientists as we discuss the skills you need - from fish slime weapons to the magic of chemistry. Bring all your burning questions on how to be a mad scientist! This fantastic, fun, and educational panel is brought to you by Salisbury University's Henson School of Science and Technology.

Room 203 (2nd Floor)

10:45 – 11:45 Narrative Storytelling in Game Design hosted by Meg Eden:
It’s one thing to tell a story on the page, but another thing entirely to design a narrative that a player has to navigate. How can traditional narrative storytelling tools inform game design, and where do the tools diverge? In this panel, we’ll discuss games with effective narrative storytelling for traditional and interactive fiction, and why these stories are so effective. We’ll also discuss practical tips for writers who are trying to tell their own stories through games.

12:10 – 1:10 Art After Art: Review of Patterns in Art and Entertainment
From comics to animation to toy design and throughout most Applied Media, the echoes of different art movements and styles through history can serve to give Applied Arts new life. In this panel, join Dr. Elvin A. Hernandez (Assistant Faculty at UMES and comics illustrator) as he discusses the lasting effect of Art Deco, German Expressionism and other art movements on modern media and how previous masters and their influence can bring new life to modern concepts! Be sure to catch this panel, and stop by and say hello to Dr. Hernandez at the UMES Sequential Arts booth on the convention floor (as well as check out his new comic, “Mundo Rudo: Cacique”, premiering at the Ocean City Comic Con)!

1:40 – 2:40 Comic-Con How-To: Proper Pitching and Promoting Yourself with Bryan "Kaiser" Tillman
You will learn about presentation, body language, elevator pitches, standing out, interview skills, and how to make an opportunity when there isn’t one. Bryan "Kaiser" Tillman is currently an illustration Professor at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. He is also the owner and CEO of Kaiser Studio Productions, a production studio for comics, toys, animation, and games.

Room 204 (2nd Floor)

11:30 – 12:30 Loading Snacks Presents: The Top 10 Cartoon Network Original Cartoons
Help the Loading Snacks Crew choose the definitive OCCC Top 10 Cartoon Network Original Cartoons! That's right! We're making THEE quintessential list of Cartoon Network original cartoons and we need YOUR help! How will the list turn out? We have no idea. Put a show anywhere in the top 10. Don't like someone else's choice? Challenge them to Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) to block their move but be careful, losing means facing the Bean Boozled Challenge! Come put your 2 cents in and help us create a list of the greatest cartoons of all time!
-Only original cartoon network animated shows. No Adult Swim. No toonami. How it works: We'll start with only a top 3. Members from the audience can place any show in any position, bumping all shows below down by 1. Challenges may be issued by anyone in the room. Can only be challenged once per instance. Challenges are settled by RPS. If the challenger loses they must eat a jelly bean. Locking: Participants may use their turn to attempt to lock a show in position. Locking into position requires besting all 3 panelists in RPS. Unlocking: Participants may use their turn to attempt to unlock a previously locked show. Unlocking requires winning RPS in a row equal to the shows current position § (Example- Dexter's Lab is locked in 6th place. Participant must win 6 RPS in a row). Unlocking only frees the show. Show can't be moved on that turn.

1:00 – 2:30 Have You Ever Wanted to be a Voice Actor?
In this panel you will learn everything you need to know about becoming a voice actor for video games, animations, commercials, scripted podcasts, audiobooks and more!!! Topics covered will include how to get started, demo creation, equipment, and how to market yourself. Panel will be moderated by award winning actor, director and producer James Lewis who has appeared on national tv in commercials, tv shows, movies and provided voices for multiple video games, audiobooks, scripted podcasts and commercials.

Room 205 (2nd Floor)

11:00 – 12:00 So, you want to Cosplay?: Introduction to Cosplay Crafting... Tips, Tricks, and Techniques.
Join the shore's premier makerspace M4 Reactor as they share Tips, Tricks, and Techniques in using a variety of tools, and materials in building cosplays. In this introductory level panel, you will learn the steps in creating your own pieces as M4 staff discuss patterns, sealing, strapping, and finishing. The panel will cover using standard methods and materials, and some that you may never have thought of! This panel is brought to you by our friends and supporters at The M4 Reactor, a grass-roots community effort to create a Makerspace in Salisbury, MD. They offer access to 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC and woodworking machines, vinyl cutters, and so much more!

12:30 – 1:30 Introduction to Comic Book Inking with Frank Percy
Join professional inker Frank Percy as he guides attendees through the basics of comic book inking. Frank will show how different inking techniques to can be implemented to embellish and enhance pencils creating vibrant comic pages full of eye catching contrast, textures, and effects. Don't miss your opportunity to learn more about this essential art form from a creator whose credits include The Punisher, Justice League, Lost Universe, and many more!

1:50 – 2:50 Making Comics (Comic Book Writing & Art Tutorial)
Join Artist and Educator Bradley Hudson (from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore) and Editor Joseph Rybandt (from Dynamite Entertainment) as they discuss all aspects of working in comics and show you how comic books and comic book pages are put together, including: layout, story flow, and specific panels from a real comic book script.

Room 206 (2nd Floor) Ocean City Film Fest Screening Room

11:00 Ocean City Film Festival Showcase:
Hurricane 6
Hurricane 6 tells the story of the 1933 storm that created the Ocean City Inlet. Through dance, poetry, and documentary, filmmakers shed new light on Ocean City history. Directed by Fiona O’Brien. 17 minutes.

What’s Next
A young man contemplates his path as he flips through local television channels. Directed by Joe Weiner. 5 minutes.

Leave it to Ocean City
A modern, localized, homage to Leave it to Beaver. Directed by Marlon Wallace. 18 minutes.

The OC Surf Tournament
A local surfer will stop at nothing for glory as he and his friends search for pirate’s treasure. Directed by Davis Mears. 14 minutes.

Assawoman Anomalies
A memoir that chronicles B.L. Strang-Moya’s journey into researching Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon in Ocean City. Directed by B.L. Strang-Moya. 13 minutes.

Film screening followed by Q&A with filmmakers. Content not rated by MPAA.

2:00 X KNIGHT Escape from Warp Hell
While Rockwood Cities masked hero X KNIGHT is battling the Sea Demon pirates, he must battle his own demons in the purgatory world of Warp Hell. For if he doesn't, his soul will not be the only one lost in the darkness. Directed by Jim Cannatelli. 90 minutes approx.

Film screening followed by Q&A with filmmakers. Content not rated by MPAA.

Room 215 (2nd Floor)

10:45am Saber Guild: Adult Lightsaber Training

In the Adult Intro to Lightsaber Choreography class, participants will experience an introductory course to learn the basics of wielding a Lightsaber. Saber Guild’s seasoned members will demonstrate a variety of movements and techniques used when learning lightsaber combat choreography. Along with these skills, participants get acquainted with how to use a stunt Lightsaber, handle it safely, and how to work safely with a partner. Participants will learn three established sets that we use in our regular performances and a Force Move. At the conclusion of this training class, we will create a “show off” opportunity for their Lightsaber training archives.

Ages: 15 - and up
Time: 20 - 30 minutes
Number of Participants: 10
Lightsabers for use in the class will be provided

11:45am Saber Guild: Kids Lightsaber Training

The younglings will take their first steps into a larger world during this introductory course to Lightsabers and the Force. Saber Guild’s elite Jedi will demonstrate their skills before introducing the younglings to the Force and guiding them through the first form of Lightsaber combat: Shii-Cho. Once the younglings understand this form, the instructors will teach them how to use their lightsaber for defense, showing them basic dodges, blocks, and Force moves to protect themselves from the Empire or the First Order. The younglings might have the chance to use what they have learned against Saber Guild’s Sith. At the conclusion of this training class, we will create photo opportunities for parents including a class photo and the younglings will receive a certificate for their studies in Lightsaber training.

Kids Lightsaber Training
Ages: 6-14
Time: 20-25 minutes
Number of Participants: 20
Lightsabers for use in the class will be provided

12:45am Saber Guild Lightsaber Stage Performance

The combined Saber Guild temples of the Northeast United States present a production made just for The 2022 Ocean City Comic Con. Saber Guild is a non-profit, all-volunteer, international organization that specializes in lightsaber stage choreography and education. Don't miss this spectacular lightsaber performance which is perfect for Star Wars fans of all ages.

2:45am Saber Guild: Kids Lightsaber Training

Ages: 6-14
Time: 20-25 minutes
Number of Participants: 20
Lightsabers for use in the class will be provided
(description above)

3:45am Saber Guild: Adult Lightsaber Training

Ages: 15 - and up
Time: 20 - 30 minutes
Number of Participants: 10
Lightsabers for use in the class will be provided
(description above)

Performing Arts Center (1st floor off main lobby)

12:00pm – 2:00pm Super Art Fight!
SUPER ART FIGHT IS THE GREATEST LIVE ART COMPETITION IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. Created in 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland by artists Jamie Noguchi and Nick DiFabbio, SAF has grown over the past decade into an absolutely can't miss live event, mixing elements of pro-wrestling styled storytelling and character work, live art, and improvised humor.

To date, Super Art Fight has produced hundreds of live events, including shows across the United States and into Canada; appearances at such big conventions as Otakon, Anime Expo, MAGFest, and Awesome Con; features in the pages of The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and Wired; and regular engagements at such legendary rock-and-roll venues as Baltimore's Ottobar and Washington DC's The Black Cat.

Want to see artists collide in one-on-one or tag-team action? Can they stand tall against the ridiculous topics from the crowd-sourced Wheel of Death? Are you ready to cheer your favorites on to victory?

There's only one way to get started...
3-2-1...ART FIGHT!

Where? When?

Roland E. Powell Convention Center 4001 Coastal Hwy. Ocean City, MD 21842

Sat. Dec. 9th 2023 10am-5pm

Admission: $12

Kids 9yo & younger free w/ paying adult, $1 off in Costume, $1 off with a non-perishable food item for Diakonia, Inc.
Discounts only available on in person ticket sales.

Ocean City Comic Con!