We are very excited to be partnering with our good friends at the Delaware Anime Society (DAS) to bring you Anime screenings all day long! Screening will be absolutely free with your paid admission to the con. DAS has picked some fantastic titles to be screened, and you'll find that list below. Between screenings, be sure to stop at the DAS info table and learn more about joining this fantastic organization. A big thanks goes to Crunchyroll and Funimation for sponsoring and providing the films.

All screenings will be in the Sunrise Ballroom (1st floor, just past the elevators, turn right, the ballroom will be on your left.)

10:00AM-10:30AM: Mazinkaiser Edition Z Ep 1 (PG, sub)
Kouji Kabuto, a regular high school student, is destined for great things. When the evil Dr. Hell is determined to use Earth’s Photon Energy for evil purposes to power his Mechanical Beasts, Kouji is granted the power of Mazinger Z- the ultimate fighting robot, to stop him!

10:30AM-11:30AM: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Ep 1-2 (PG-13, sub)
The fourth season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is set in 1999, 11 years after the events of Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro Kujo tracks down Josuke Higashikata, the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar. The reason? He needs help to find a magical bow and arrow that grants people special (Stand) powers. The twist? A Stand-using serial killer is loose on their hometown, and has to be stopped!

11:30AM-12PM: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Ep 1 (PG-13, Sub)
What happens when an average office worker (Miss Kobayashi) saves the life of a female dragon (Tohru) who can also transform into a human girl? A supernatural yet slice of life comedy with lots of heart ensues as Tohru strives to pay off her life debt to Kobayashi, and her dragon friends come along for a wild ride!

12PM-1PM: My Hero Academia Eps 1-2 (PG-13, Sub)
Izuku has dreamt of being a hero all his life— but was sadly born without any superpowers. That’s especially tough when eighty percent of the population has some kind of super-powered “quirk”. Determination leads him to enroll in one of the world’s most prestigious hero academies, and action and adventure are the result!

2:30PM-3PM: Dragonball Z: Christmas Tree of Might (PG-13, Sub)
The infamous, holiday-themed parody movie in the Dragon Ball Z Abridged series, produced by Team Four Star. When Krillin wishes for the perfect Christmas tree, the gang have to face Shenron’s wrath when a giant, life and joy sucking tree starts terrorizing the earth. Also, space pirates..gotta have some space pirates.

3PM-3:30PM: The Ancient Magus' Bride Ep 1 (PG-13, sub)
15 year old Chise Hatori has no direction, family or hope. All of this changes when she is bought by a sorcerer named Elias, to be his apprentice and future wife. Her new life proceeds peacefully until she finds a Japanese picture book that will change her fate forever.

3:30PM-4PM: Chronos Ruler Ep 1 (PG-13, sub)
Who doesn’t wish you could go back in time and fix the past? But be careful what you wish for- time devouring demons may be a result. Who you gonna call? The Chronos Rulers, warriors who fight using time manipulation, of course. Will Victor, Kiri, Mina and Blaze beat the baddies and maintain the balance of time? Tune in to find out!

4PM-5PM: Himouto! Umaru-chan Ep 1-2 (PG-13, sub)
Umaru is a 16 year old girl with a double life. At school, she’s a superstar, pretty, smart, and popular...but once she gets home, she transforms into a cola-guzzling, anime binging, slobby, mega otaku! Will her friends discover her secret? Will her brother stop covering for her? See all this and more during the screening of Umaru-chan.